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Uppercrusts Lunch Bag


Individual orders incur £2.50 delivery charge.. pal up with your colleagues and place one order with multiple lunches for just one charge of £2.50


Chicken and bacon : Wheat gluten soya egg (dairy free)
Tuna & cucumber : wheat gluten soya egg fish (dairy free)
Brie & cranberry : wheat gluten milk soya (v)
Cheese & tomato : wheat gluten milk soya (v)
Coronation chicken : wheat gluten soya egg mustard (dairy free)
Falafel & roasted vegetables : wheat gluten soya (vegan)
Salad boxes
Tomato pasta : wheat milk
Vegan tomato pasta : wheat
Chicken Caesar pasta : wheat egg milk barley fish mustard
Tuna nicoise : wheat fish mustard
Caramel shortcake: wheat gluten milk
Chocolate cornflake: milk (wheat free)
Golden sticky flapjack : gluten milk
Walkers crisps
Cheese & onion : milk
Ready salted and salt & vinegar no allergens

Muller light yogurts: milk